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Six Element Connection specializes in helping sole proprietors, “one person” corporations, Mom & Pops, home businesses and start ups. If you consider yourself the “chief cook and bottle washer” of your company then Six Element Connection can help you feel less stressed and be more productive. We offer the following tools to help your small business grow. Everything is provided as a component available to you. There is no one-size fits all solution, and we can help you find the best mix of components that will enhance your business and your productivity. If you are a non-profit looking for fundraising ideas, we can help you too! We are very supportive of local organizations and churches in and around Isle of Wight, Virginia. Call us about your next project or fundraising needs.

  • marketing
  • consultations
  • website hosting and email
  • website design
  • graphic design
  • printing
  • promotional products
  • ad copy
  • copywriting
  • content creation
  • social media management
  • Internet presence
  • SEO
  • technology advice
  • computer security and backup
  • education and training

In fact, we don’t know of any small business, with fewer than 50 employees, that has enough employees or a budget large enough to afford every one of these components. We can help you prioritize which of these will give you the greatest ROI, and provide you with services and/or tools to utilize the component well. Taking advantage of what we do is sure to help you reach more customers, work more efficiently, and be confident that the tools you are using are working well.