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About Six Element Connection - Six Element Connection
Six Element Connection is for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Through us you can outsource crucial business activities and depend on those activities being done well. In particular, Six Element Connection caters to sole proprietors, small corporations, Mom & Pop, Home Based, and micro businesses. If you wear many hats in your company (or all of them) then Six Element Connection is perfect company to assist in the growth of your small business. We offer marketing, consultations, website hosting and email, website design, graphic design, printing, ad copy, copywriting, content creation, social media management, technology advice, computer security and backup, as well as education and training on all of these items should you have a desire to DIY.

Six Element Connection History

Six Element Connection was established by Kerry Hanslits, especially for small businesses in 2007, after she closed her graphic design and print shop business. She recognized that the landscape where a small business could succeed with business cards and phone book ad were no longer viable tactics. She had also gathered first-hand experience, working with thousands of entrepreneurs during that time. The experience gave her special insight into what it takes and how difficult it is for a small business to succeed.

Running her own business also proved to her that running a small business is SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT THAN managing a Marketing and Education department for a large corporation (which she had done before starting her print shop). If you ask her, she’ll tell you, “Managing a department is like being responsible for the chickens producing eggs for a cake. Running a small business is being responsible for making the cake. Not only do you have to make sure you gather all the quality ingredients, you also have to ensure you use the right recipe, make a cake people want to eat, let them know how to get the cake, and remind them to come back and get more. That’s a tall order no matter who you are, and doing it successfully today is even more difficult than it was 10, or even 5, years ago.”

Quite frankly, running a print shop for 10 years was the perfect business in which to observe thousands of small businesses succeed and fail. Over time, it became apparent which factors most often contributed to small business failures and successes. With a strong entrepreneurial heart Ms. Hanslits developed a desire to create an affordable resource that would help small corporations, mom and pop shops, home-based business, and sole proprietors meet the challenges that small businesses face as they reach for their dreams. From this the Six Element Connection for Success, was developed as a guide to assist small businesses in finding success, and the company Six Element Connection was founded. Where we come in, as a company, is helping you implement the Six Element Connection for Success by providing you with (or guiding you to) the components that will help you achieve it. At Six Element Connection we discover and help magnify your strengths and give you tools to master everything else.