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Six Element Connection for Success - Six Element Connection
The Six Element Connection for Success was developed while watching scores of entrepreneurs break some “hard and fast” rules of marketing, as well as trying to wear too many hats. In fact our company was named Six Element Connection, because to truly be successful every small company needs to employ these six elements:

  1. Understand what you sell and who you sell it to
  2. Know your competition
  3. Find your uniqueness and its value
  4. Professionally brand your company
  5. Use the right tools for the task
  6. Do what you do well…hire out the rest

Now you can run with this list and be successful if you implement each of these six elements well, but it can be difficult to do so without bringing in an outsider to assist you with achieving some of them.

#1 & #2: You probably have a handle on what you sell and who you want to sell it to, but do you know your competition?

In fact most (not all) entrepreneurs have a good grasp on #1 and #2. If you don’t, stop drop and roll because you will burn out before you achieve success. For example: You may want to sell supplies to local spas (who you know buy their supplies online) because they can’t get them quick enough when they accidentally run out. You feel there is a real market out there for this issue. So you understand what you want to sell and why. Great! But why do the spas typically buy their supplies online? There’s a reason and it is essential that you understand it. Know your client and your competition.

#3: Do you understand your uniqueness and its value to the community you want to serve?

It is absolutely essential that you know what makes you unique from all the other bakers, home care agencies, pet services, etc. Some marketers refer to it as your USP (unique selling position). You will find it called many things, but whatever you call it, it is “why” a customer should choose you over all the other choices that customer has. One of the most common mistakes that businesses make (no matter what their size) is forgetting to answer this question from the perspective of their customers. “What’s in it for me?” For example: Is it price or convenience, and which is most important to your customer? If it’s usually price and sometimes convenience and you want to carve out the “convenience part” as your business, is there enough of that need in the area to support your business? What is your USP and what is its value?

#4: Professionally branding your company helps people to identify you as the “one”.

I’d say 80% or greater underestimate the importance of branding and how essential it is to maintain a professional look and a clear/consistent message about what they offer. Do not go to a print shop and simply pick out a stock picture of a tree and put it on your business card because you offer tree services (same goes for choosing a stock lawnmower for landscapers). Your logo is an essential part of your business identity. It helps people identify you as the “one” they want to choose. Logos do not have to be thousand dollar investments, either. Work with us and we can develop (or help you find) a logo that is uniquely yours and that fits in your budget. It is step one of branding and branding is a powerful tool.

#5: How do you know which tool will be most effective?

With the advent of computers, smart phones, tablets and the Internet, there is an extremely low number of small business people using the right tools for the task of growing their business. And of those who are using the right tools, most of them are not using them effectively. They are often paying too much to use the tool or are using it in a way where the tool is actually hurting them instead of adding growth to their business. Is print dead? Do you need video? Should you have a Facebook page?  Do you need a brochure, a flyer, a presentation folder? Should you hand out pens and calendars with your branding on them? Do you need a website? What are the best tools for marketing your particular business, and how much time and money should you invest in them? Choosing the right tools for your budget, skills and business is so much more challenging today than it was even five years ago, and most businesses could use some real assistance in making these choices. It is essential that you stay on top of the trends and how (and whether) your demographics use the tools you are using to advertising your business.

#6: It’s not just and old adage. Time is Money.

Too often entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to do too much themselves instead of hiring the right person to do that particular job, whether that is developing your collateral material, writing copy for your website, doing your books, or managing the day-to-day office tasks, such as keeping your computer software updated and your data backed up. Most of the time, the reason is “I can’t afford _______” whatever that blank is. When in truth, not using the right person for that particular task is costing you more than the money you would pay to have the task completed by someone else. Capitalize on your strengths and don’t let your weaknesses lose time, productivity, money, and potential clients. Make sure you are choosing the best person or tool for the job at hand and you will increase both your customers and efficiency which will add to your bottom line in a positive way.

So what’s next…

Through this website, you can learn a variety of ways to use various tools yourself if that is the best choice for you. If you are looking for a boost, you can hire Six Element Connection and together we’ll walk through each of the items and find the best and most efficient solutions for you to achieve success in your business.

We are down-to-earth and believe strongly in the power of DIY. You will never hear things like, “We’ll get you on the first page of Google” without also explaining the cost of doing so and dispelling many of the myths about this often touted phrase by marketers.

Our goal is to teach and encourage. In fact, you will be encouraged to do as much as you can yourself, UNLESS there is a good reason why you shouldn’t do it. Reasons can be lack of interest, skill, knowledge, tools or time. It may also simply be more cost effective or efficient ways to do it that you may not be aware are out there. If we sound like someone you can work with, then give us a call. We would love to help you!